Working with Modes: Embracing Complexity & Achieving Integration

If you are a counsellor or therapist working in any modality, schema therapy offers powerful, highly effective techniques and strategies you can learn from me and start using in your practice straight away. Understanding your clients’ modes (different parts of their personality) will help you overcome resistance and repair ruptures in the relationship; transform harsh self-criticism and unhealthy perfectionism; tackle substance abuse and compulsive behaviours; and understand even the most complex problems and presentations you will meet in your consulting room.

On this workshop you will learn:

  • An introduction to the theory and practice of schema therapy, as well as how to assess and understand your clients’ schemas and modes

  • How to use powerful experiential techniques such as imagery and chair work for working with key modes, such as the Critic, Detached Protector or Vulnerable Child

  • How to understand the function of substance abuse and other compulsive behaviours and use ‘empathic confrontation’ to tackle the Detached Self-Soother mode

  • How to work with harsh self-criticism and self-attack, which trigger shame, depression, chronic stress and low self-esteem in your clients. These punitive internal messages (which we call the Punitive Parent mode) are also risk factors for self-harm and suicide, so it’s crucial to learn effective strategies for helping your clients with these destructive cognitions and deeply held negative beliefs

  • How an understanding of modes will help you conceptualise and feel comfortable working with even the most complex presentations, such as Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • How to draw up a Mode Map, which offers a simple, visual way to formulate your clients’ problems and internal world – clients love these maps, as it makes their complex, often confusing thoughts, feelings and behaviour easy to comprehend and gives them hope that dysfunctional life patterns can be transformed

  • Why working with modes will help you bypass your clients’ resistance to change, as well as repair ruptures in the therapeutic relationship

  • Having completed the workshop, you will be able to apply all of these concepts and techniques in your practice and will gain increased confidence in working with even the most challenging and complex cases

Through a combination of didactic teaching, small group work, discussion, video/live demonstrations and skills practice, you will gain confidence in using these highly effective ways of formulating problems and key techniques to help your own clients, whichever setting or modality you work in. All of my Schema Therapy Skills workshops are taught to small groups (maximum six participants), which allows for plenty of time and space for questions, discussion or help with your most challenging problems and cases.

Cost: £180 including refreshments, all training materials and certificate of attendance confirming 6 CPD hours

Next date: 21st June 2019

Working with Modes

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