Working with Imagery: Powerful, Transformative Techniques to Enhance Your Clinical Practice

In schema therapy, there is a strong emphasis on using experiential techniques such as imagery rescripting and chair work, which are seen as more effective and transformative than just talking about problems from the client’s past and present. While imagery has also become a key technique in other modalities, such as re-experiencing and rescripting for PTSD in cognitive therapy, or guided imagery in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, it has a unique place in schema therapy’s history, theoretical framework and skillset.

This one-day workshop will teach you:

  • An introduction to the theory and practice of schema therapy, as well as schemas and modes

  • How imagery techniques can help rescript even the most traumatic experiences from your client’s childhood, such as incidences of trauma, abuse or neglect. This provides healing to clients on the deepest (schema) level, which is often extremely moving and transformative for them

  • Using imagery such as the Safe Place and Safety Bubble to create feelings of trust and safety with you for even the most avoidant, anxious or mistrustful clients

  • How to get around clients saying ‘I can’t do imagery’, finding it overwhelming or too emotionally intense

  • Using imagery for ‘limited reparenting’ – one of schema therapy’s most important concepts and key to building a strong therapeutic relationship with your clients

  • How to use imagery to help your clients with present-day and future challenges

Through a combination of didactic teaching, small group work, discussion, video/live demonstrations and skills practice, you will gain confidence in using these powerful techniques to help your own clients, whichever setting or modality you work in. All of my Schema Therapy Skills workshops are taught to small groups (maximum six participants), which allows for plenty of time and space for questions, discussion or help with your most challenging problems and cases.

Cost: £180 including refreshments, all training materials and certificate of attendance confirming 6 CPD hours

Next date: 31st May 2019

Working with Imagery

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