Adding schema therapy skills to your practice


Welcome to my website – my name is Dan Roberts and I am a Cognitive Therapist and Advanced Accredited Schema Therapist based in North London. I am also the Founder of Schema Therapy Skills and, as well as providing and writing about therapy, I teach the schema therapy model and key ST skills and techniques to both trainee and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and other health professionals in various organisations. I also run monthly therapy-skills workshops from my office in East Finchley.

What makes my workshops different?

  • My monthly Schema Therapy Skills workshops are taught in small groups, with a maximum of six members

  • This gives you plenty of time to discuss, debate and ask questions – and to get help with your most challenging cases

  • These workshops are not for people who want to become accredited schema therapists (at least, not yet). There are a number of excellent training organisations already offering that in the UK

  • Schema Therapy Skills workshops are for mental-health professionals working in other modalities – such as CBT, person-centred, integrative or psychodynamic therapies – who want to learn key aspects of the schema therapy model, such as how to formulate and understand highly complex cases, how to work with trauma, dissociation or personality problems, or how to help clients with ‘treatment-resistant’ depression and anxiety disorders

  • Schema therapy is a wonderfully rich, powerful and compassionate model. And learning about schemas such as Abandonment or Defectiveness and their central role in all psychological problems is immensely helpful, whichever model you are working with

  • Understanding how to identify and work with ‘modes’ – such as the Vulnerable Child, Critic or Detached Self-Soother – will help you form a stronger therapeutic bond with your clients, transform their harsh, self-critical thinking, or work with emotionally avoidant behaviours such as drug or alcohol misuse

  • Schema therapy also offers powerful experiential tools, such as imagery rescripting to transform upsetting or traumatic memories or past events; and chair work, which can help with problems such as dissociation or experiential avoidance, as well as overcoming ruptures or resistance in the therapy – I will teach you these highly effective techniques and you can start using them straight away in your practice

What makes schema therapy different?

So what is schema therapy? It is a highly effective approach that is based on CBT, but has been enriched and expanded to make it one of the most transformative styles of therapy currently available. It can help with even the most stubborn, hard-to-treat, longstanding problems that other approaches cannot shift. Schema therapy is a warm, compassionate, creative approach that can heal deep hurts and trauma, whatever people have been through in their life.

I also think that schema therapy has a great deal to offer mental-health professionals working in other modalities. As an integrative, transdiagnostic approach it is uniquely accessible to counsellors and therapists at all levels of experience and working in virtually all of the therapeutic approaches currently on offer. 

And it offers rich, sophisticated and highly effective ways to formulate and treat your clients’ problems, however complex or challenging they may be. That is why I set up Schema Therapy Skills, so I can share these theoretical and practical skills with you, in a small group where we have plenty of time to discuss, debate and learn together. I hope to see you at one of my workshops soon.

If you would like to book one of my workshops, or require further information, call me on 07766 704210 or use the contact form to get in touch.

Warm wishes,